College Scholarships for Moms Help You Pay For School

Women today are getting back to school / college and finish the course, diploma, or a degree that they had to leave half way due to certain issues. And it is never late to get back to college and finish that course. The decision of yours to get back to school / college can present you with opportunities that will prove to be life changing. But the decision of getting back to college / school can be a financially daunting on many mothers. The first thing might come to your mind is to go for an education loan to fund your school / college expenses. But is that the only option available to you? Are there any avenues for mothers to get back to school / college and complete the course? The answer to these and all such questions that might be haunting you is a simple YES! There are many scholarships that are aimed towards assisting mothers in getting back to school / college and making a fresh new start in their lives.

Loans – a lucrative option

When you have decided to resume your education then you would have also thought of education loans, like for example the Federal Perkins Loan for undergraduates. These and education loans funded by schools, banks and even government, have a very attractive face where they readily offer you the money required for your education, but remember that this is the LOAN and you MUST repay it, of course with interest. Some institutions will offer you the option of completing your education using their loan money and when you secure a job then start repaying the loan. And mind you the interest rates are not at all friendly. Once you have repaid your education you will realize that you have actually pain more than double the money that you have borrowed. The monthly installments of the loan eat up your income on a large scale.

So, what is the other alternative to education loans wherein you can be assured of covering your education costs and also not to worry about repaying it? That option is called Scholarships. There are numerous scholarships for moms that are helping, empowering and strengthening them in getting back to their feet and be independent. Scholarships are funds set aside by institutions generally commemorating someone, to be beneficial for people to overcome financial hurdles in their education. Scholarships are also not refundable – rather they are like an award that honours the unique character in you and thus helps you financially.

Scholarships are the perfect option available for a mother getting back into the school / college. Here we will take a look at only those scholarships that are open for women and have certain base criteria as minimum eligibility. Scholarships for moms help them return to school and support themselves / or families / dependents. The following list of scholarships a just a handful of many reputed programs that are available for moms who are looking to financially independent. There are certain basic requirements for a mother to be eligible for these scholarships, programs, or awards. In the recent past there had been a growing number of scholarships for moms underlying the fact that there are women especially mothers who are ready to take up education and provide for a stable financial through securing good jobs. many mothers need scholarships to get money for college

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) is one of the unique scholarships for moms that primarily helps those mothers coming from domestic violence / partner abuse background and want to overcome the hurdles in getting education and becoming financially independent. The main goal of this program is to provide moms who are facing financial problems to gain work skills, through educations, that can be useful in supporting their family. The program provides funds for such education and financial assistance. To be eligible for this scholarship, the women should be a survivor of intimate partner abuse, shows critical need of financial assistance, has been accepted into an accredited study course, demonstrates a strong desire to complete the course / academic program, and has sought service from a domestic violence agency for minimum of six consecutive months.

The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship program was started in 1988 and it is one of the best scholarships for moms, that’s helping them pursue their dream of getting an UG and Master’s degree business management. This program helps them overcome the gender inequalities – right from classroom to boardroom. This international scholarship has been awarded to 237 deserving women from almost 37 different countries since its inception. The award can be put to use for tuition fees, books, and living expenses at the university. The scholarships awarded range from $1000 locally to $5000 internationally.

Well, if you are looking for a different kind of a scholarship, say for developing computer games then is there any scholarship for such academic course? Well of course it is there. The Women Gamers Scholarship is catering to the same exact requirement. The computer games industry or the sector is a highly specialized field and there are seldom women pursuant for such an academic program. Such scholarships help women go a long distance in the tech industry.

For women of vision who are looking to use their education not only for their own betterment but for their family and community too, there is the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship. It honours Jeannette Rankin the first women to be elected to the US Congress. The criterion for eligibility for this scholarship is that the women should be 35 years of minimum age and from a low income group as well.

The Society for Women Engineers celebrates the women engineers and awards scholarships for moms who want to pursue engineering degree. The Olive Lynn Salembier awards a $1,500 reward and the BK Krenzer Memorial scholarship offers $2,000 for women are two specially created scholarships for women who wish to re-enter college / school to compete their education.

The Soroptmistic Women’s Opportunity Fund awards $1000 to women and girls who overcome obstacles and are eager to get back on the path of achieving their dreams for higher education. The applicant has to apply for this scholarship through the local branch of the society.


There are numerous scholarships for moms who are looking for an opportunity to make a fresh start to their lives. The above scholarships for moms have been empowering and changing their life. Many mothers are now approaching various institutions for scholarships and the deserving candidates are readily accepted. To conclude if you are a mother looking to fund your education, then the above list of scholarships for moms, though just s few, are the right choice for your career decision

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