scholarships for married mothers

Over 60% of the students in Institutions of higher learning are women. The desire for career advancement, family, and financial obligations are some of the main factors prompting married mothers to go back to school. With the average college fee for a four-year degree in a public college being more than $9000, many women are opting for scholarships and grants. Scholarships for married mothers are many and varied depending on different parameters such as Income levels and type of courses undertaken.
Both the government and private organizations offer scholarships and grants. Here are a few private organizations that provide scholarships for married mothers.
1. Jeanette Ranking Women’s Scholarship Fund.
This fund caters for women with low Incomes who are above 35 years of age. The women must be U.S citizens or hold permanent residency. Enrollment in a vocational or technical education field is necessary.
2. PEO International Continuing Education Program.
PEO offers grants up to $3,000 to women who have taken time off college to raise their children. 24 months off school and enrolling in an American or Canadian college are some of the requirements to access this scholarship.
3. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation.
This foundation offers scholarships up to $5000 for low-income mothers who wish to pursue post-secondary education.
The government also provides scholarships. Some of the grants and scholarships for married mothers are;
1. The Pell Grant.
This federal grant takes into account Income levels. Any person or couple with Incomes of less than $50,000 per year can access this financial aid.
2. The Adult learners Grant.
Most married mothers are above the average college age, and this financial assistance may work to their advantage. The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity is just one of the numerous federal grants accessible to married mothers.
3. Returning students grants.
Women who drop out of school to get married and bear kids and wish to resume school are eligible for this. The Alma Baron Second Chance for Women and The Altrusa Grant Fund are some of the available scholarships for married mothers.
Different colleges and universities also offer scholarships to married mothers based on the particular school’s policies. Additionally, many states have made it a core mandate to help married moms especially of low-income backgrounds in their quest for higher learning.
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